Ari Ari Competition Scoring

4 Scoring

4.1 Scoring a winning hand

First find the number of fan (doubles): Add the number of yaku (at least one), the number of red fives, the number of dora tiles, kan dora tiles and in case of a riichi hand the number of ura dora in the hand. This sum is the fan value of the hand.

Then the base value of the hand, the minipoints, is calculated. Round the number up to the next 10. (e.g. 32 minipoints are rounded up to 40). For hands with five or more fan the minipoints are irrelevant.

The value of the hand can now be found in the tables here.

To this value is added 300 for each counter on the table in case of self-draw, and 100 in case of winning on a discard. In addition any riichi bets from players who didn’t win the hand are collected by the winner.

In case more than one player wins at the same time, the discarder settles the score with each winner individually. Each winner receives the value of the hand including the value of counters in play.

In case more than one player wins at the same time, the riichi bets from players who declared riichi without winning go to the winner closest to the discarder’s right. Riichi declarers that win, always get their riichi bet back.

4.1.1 Minipoints

You always get minipoints for one the three following ways of winning:

Minipoints for winning:

Concealed on a discard 30
Seven pairs (no further minipoints are added) 25
Otherwise (Self-draw or Open hand) 20

Add minipoints for pungs and kongs in the hand. Chows have no minipoint value. If the winning tile finishes a pung, it counts as a concealed pung in case of self-draw, and it counts as an open pung in case of winning on a discard.

Minipoints Open Concealed
Pung, 2-8 2 4
Pung, terminals/honours 4 8
Kong, 2-8 8 16
Kong, terminals/honours 16 32

In addition 2 minipoints are added for each of the following:

2 minipoints for:

Pair of dragons
Pair of seat wind
Pair of prevalent wind
Winning on an edge, closed or single wait
Winning on self-draw (except in case of pinfu)
Open pinfu

The 2 minipoints for edge, closed or single wait can be claimed even if the hand is waiting for other tiles. Edge wait is 1-2 waiting for 3 or 8-9 waiting for 7. Closed wait is waiting for the centre tile of a chow. Single wait is waiting to finish the pair.

Edge wait: winning on
Closed wait winning on

The winner decides which set is finished by the winning tile. Consider the following waiting pattern:

waiting on or

Winning on the 7, the player can choose whether to claim 2 minipoints for egde wait or claim 0 minipoints for finishing the two-sided 5-6-7 chow. The latter would allow theplayer to claim a yaku for pinfu on a concealed hand.
2 minipoints are awarded for winning on a self-drawn tile. This is voided, however, in case a yaku is claimed for pinfu.
An open hand worth no minipoints is awarded 2 minipoints for open pinfu.

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