European Classical Mahjong Scoring

Mahjong is a Chinese game, involving four players, fascinating Chinese tiles, scoring and monetary value for the points yielded by individual players. There are variations in types of mahjong and these variations include their specified scoring. Some popular scoring methods are Hong Kong Scoring, Chinese Official Scoring, Riichi Competition Scoring, European Classical Mahjong Scoring and American Mahjong Scoring.

Aim of the game

Create a hand of fourteen tiles containing patterns of three of a kind, four of a kind and sequences to gain points. The game play is very similar to rummy games where you take tiles from a stock (called the wall) and discard tiles to a common pool. In special circumstances you can also collect discards from other players.

Simple Tiles

1 and 9 are called terminals
2-8 are called simples

1) Bamboos

Mahjong Game Rules - Bamboos

2) Characters

Mahjong Game Rules - Characters

3) Dots

Mahjong Game Rules - Dots


Mahjong Game Rules-East-South-West-North

Mahjong Game Rules - Cardinal

Total number of tiles = 136
Simple tiles are like the traditional 1-10 in card games
Honours are like the J-K in traditional card games

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