Hong Kong Mahjong Scoring

Mahjong is a Chinese game, involving four players, fascinating Chinese tiles, scoring and monetary value for the points yielded by individual players. There are certain variations in different types of mahjong and these variations include their specified scoring. Some of the popular scoring methods are Hong Kong Mahjong Scoring, Chinese Mahjong Official Scoring, Riichi Competition Scoring, and American Mahjong Scoring.

The most popular scoring system in this game is the Traditional Hong Kong or the Cantonese scoring system. This scoring is popular because the low criteria used can be easily achieved. Hands are formed to score fan (points/double). Zero-point hands are frequent. This is the reason why players are often stipulating on additional restrictions such as the winning hand must be of point value. The point value is often made between one and five points. The most common point though, is three.

Here is some basic scoring:

  • Complete hand-0 fan
  • 4 Chows in a hand - 1 additional fan
  • 4 Pungs and/or Kongs in a hand - 3 additional fan
  • 1 or 2 Dragon Pungs or Kongs - 1 additional fan each
  • A pair of Dragon Pung and another pair of Dragon - 4 additional fan
  • Pungs/Kongs of Winds that matches the round or seat - 1 additional fan
  • No Flowers/Season tile - 1 additional fan
  • Flowers/Season tile that matches seat value - 1 additional fan each
  • All Flowers/Season of a particular color - 2 additional fan
  • Win by self-drawn - 1 additional fan

Below is the complete scoring system:

Set Fan Notes
Scores for basic sets
Pung of Dragons 1
Kong of Dragons 1
Pung of player's Own Wind 1 Implies scoring for Pung of Winds
Kong of player's Own Wind 1 Kong of player's Own Wind
Pung of the Wind of the Round 1 Implies scoring for Pung of Winds
Kong of the Wind of the Round 1 Implies scoring for Pung of Winds
Scores for Flowers and Seasons
Flower of own Wind 1
Season of own Wind 1
All Flowers 2
All Seasons 2
No Flowers or Seasons 1
Scores for patterns based on Pungs and Kongs ( = triplets)
Little Three Dragons 4 (Two Dragon Pungs/Kongs and a pair of the other Dragon)
Scores for patterns based on the whole hand
Chow hand 1
Pung hand 3
One suit and Honors 3
Seven Pairs 4
One suit only 6
Scores for winning
Self-drawn last tile 1
Out on the last tile of the Wall 1
Out on the last discard 1
Out by robbing a Kong 1
Out on Replacement Tile 1

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