Mahjong Game Info

Mahjong game involves four players. Similar to gin rummy, the object of the game is to build sets, as well as get the highest point value. In order to do this, each player selects and discards tiles until an entire set of combinations has been made. is the leading Mahjong games site as it provides players with multiple game types, languages, advanced communication features and exciting tournaments in a safe and secure environment.

There are currently six major versions in Mahjong game. These are played around the world. Click on each game type for more information:

Mahjong game Rules (Chinese Official) - Rules and Scoring
Hong Kong Mahjong game - Rules and Scoring
 American Style Mahjong games - Rules and Scoring
Riichi Competition Rules and Scoring
European Classical Mahjong games - Rules and Scoring
Taiwanese Mahjong game Rules and Scoring
Zung Jung Competition Rules and Scoring
Ari Ari Competition Rules and Scoring
Sanma Competition Rules